Filters for Black and White Film

Name No. Color Factor Effects
Combination of these filters are also available: Light yellow, medium yellow, dark yellow, yellow orange, red orange, red green, light blue, light red...
Blue B Blue 2 Blue filter enhances the tonal rendition of the sky by emphasizing mist in valleys and transmitting light rays over water, fog, and haze. In addition, this filter is used for the tonal separation in still-life photography and the correction of the light spectrum from artificial light sources.
Green G Green 4 Besides providing all the effects of Y2 filter, it lightens green foliage by darkening the colors it absorbs. It is preferable to Y2 for outdoor portraits, because it produces healthier and more natural skin tones.
Orange O2 Orange 4 It creates strong contrast for red and yellow, which are rendered lighter than seen with the naked eyes, against other colors. It penetrates haze and it adds details to distant landscapes and subdues glare on the surface of the water.
Red R2 Red 8 It absorbs ultra-violet blue, green and yellow rays, rendering the red and yellow objects lighter. In sunlight outdoor photos, with panchromatic film, the filter has strong effect on contrast; blue sky will rendered darker, red and yellow subjects lighter than the eyes see them. It will cut through haze for long distance shots.
This filter is normally used with infra-red film.



Light Pink


Creates the effect given by Y2 filter.
UV Transparent 1 Absorbs ultra-violet rays, without increase or decrease of exposure; so it prevents haziness and foggy effects in distant landscape; it creates clearness.
Constant use of this filter is recommended for clearer photos as well as lens-protector.
Yellow Y1
Yellow 1.5
It absorbs ultra-violet rays, neutralizes, to a certain extent, violet and blue rays and renders good tonal interpretation many bright colors predominate. This filter creates clear and perfect contrast between landscape or seascape with blue sky and clouds. It is the most useful filter for bright outdoor photos.
Yellow Green YG Yellow Green 2 It corrects the color rendering of panchromatic film to approximate that of the human eye and imparts natural effect to skin and lip color tones in portrait.




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