Close-Up Lenses


Close-up lenses are similar to filters, a lens in a frame. These lenses are used for taking photos from small things, or if you want a big and full-frame photo from something, as a flower, you can use these lenses. It allows the lens to go closer to the subject than before and to achieve a larger image scale.

These lenses can be combined by adding their refractive powers. Do not combine more than two close-up lenses because there is a danger of mechanical vignette. Sharp-focus setting is ensured with close-up lenses through normal SLR cameras, by observation through the viewfinder, or through auto focus. Multiple Close-up lenses in photography reduce the quality of the photos.

Close-up lenses are transparent. An increase in the exposure time is not necessary.

In photographing with Close-up lenses, keep the camera steady on a tripod or other mount. Carefully measure the distance from the lens to your subject; and make sure that the subject is exactly in line with the lens-to-film axis.

The following lenses are available:
+1: 1000 mm focal length
+2: 500 mm focal length
+3: 333 mm focal length
+4: 250 mm focal length
+5: 200 mm focal length
Macro: This lens has a diopter of +10 and 100mm focal length. As it fills the frame of the 35mm format, life size to somewhat larger than life size pictures are possible.



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