Filters for Color Film

Name No. Color Factor


Cloudy 81A
Brown 1.2
It reduces blue in light and it is ideal for photography under cloudy or hazy light and it has the best color reproduction.
Color Spot Green
The central subject retains the natural color, while the surrounding take on the aura of the selected color, so it creates a mood to suit the occasion.
Warm red and orange, and to a lesser degree yellow, with the green lending coolness to the photo.
Used in conjunction with multiple image lenses adds infinite changes of mood and many interesting possibilities.
Convertible 85A
Dark Brown 2
It converts and permits the use of type A color film for outdoor photography in daylight. This filter is used only with tungsten color film.
Flash 80C
Dark Blue 2.4
It converts and permit the use of daylight type color film in photography with clear flash lamp.
Flood 80A Blue 3 It reduces red in light, and is used for photography with daylight films with a photo flood lamp.
Florescent It produces photos with natural colors by eliminating the greenish tone that is present under florescent light. 
Mor or Eve 82A Blue 1.4 This filter reduces red in light, and it is suitable for early morning or late afternoon photography.
Rainbow The finely etched lines of the surface of these diffraction-grid filters act as prisms, splitting incoming light into its spectral components to give the picture dreamy colors in a rainbow effect.
The results vary according to the size and strength of the light source, as well as the focal length of the lens; it could be checked beforehand the effect in the viewfinder.
Skylight 1A Light Pink 1 It reduces excess blue and adds warmth to the pictures; also absorbs ultra-violet rays, without increase or decrease of exposure; it is a good protector for lens in case of constant use.




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